The Convention on Knowledge Commons (CKC) is an open public-private agreement.

The convention's goal is to recruit a community of practitioners that administer, create, maintain and deploy a range of wikis (actor maps, initiative nodes, dictionaries and customized dashboards) that hold systematized content commons.

Wiki-functionality will enable an efficient and low-cost two-way communication between smallholder's livelihoods and the systematized content commons. These content commons will become part of a platform for coherent decision and action.

The agreement will include chapters on maintenance procedures and administrative roles, and assume a private-public engagement model.

Maintenance Procedures

The systematized content commons will be evolving to reflect emerging needs and solutions in society. A common maintenance procedure will be enacted to allow the actors of change to propose extensions or refinements.

Publishing and open maintenance procedures1 will be overseen by a global standards setting process that meets the attributes Openness, Consensus, Balance and Transparency2.

User and administrative roles

Each of the wikis (actor maps, initiative nodes, dictionaries and customized dashboards) that publishes part of the systematized content commons will have an administrator, a number of moderators, and a team of members. Together they ensure the suitable coverage and quality of each wiki, and the mutual consistency of the totality of wikis. These members will also ensure the provision of wikis in the language of the country to which they matter, with these target languages.

Via the discuss per page and forum contributions, any other web-user can comment on wiki contents.