All actors perform activities and participate in socio-economic interactions.

An actor's participation in an interaction is in a role.

Rather than having each actor describing the activities in which it participates from its own perspective, the interaction dictionary will provide shared descriptions of "common" interactions. Enormous savings can be achieved by using such shared descriptions as an input for an actor's "configuration of business processes" on the basis of the roles the actor performs.

One area where social savings can be achieved is in the area of regulatory compliance by all, as illustrated in VAT compliance in ERP systems case.

This dictionary lists and describes as patterns:

  • the interactions that occur among the actors (described in the Actor Atlas); and
  • the interactions that actors have with other entities in the natural, social and technical orders in which they dwell, as described in the Entity Dictionary;
  • contracts in which each party agrees to perform its share in a sequence of activities.

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