1- The Wikiworx Mission

Engage every citizen and public sector agency in opening up and consolidating the content commons and using them in making the public and private sectors better meet human needs and expectations.

Clarification The social capital notes of Philippines »Region 01 - Ilocos Region »Ilocos Norte »Adams illustrate how content pertinent to any citizen and public sector agency in that municipality is embedded into a global to local public-private information facility. There is a similar page for each municipality in the Philippines.

We will support your journey towards leveraging the Actor Atlas and a growing number of social capital wikis for addressing your local needs: currently there are social capital wikis for these countries: European Union, India, Maroc (en français), Nepal, Philippines, Tanzania and the United States. For each wiki there is a corresponding Google+ page to support your engagement.

Internet-based and information-centric communications1 will radically transform knowledge conversion, achieve superior content productivity and yield desired socio-economic outcomes and inclusive development: the future we want.

The wikiworx.info team adopts a private-public engagement model and aims to bring content commons in the languages of the world.